A new artist emerges who manages to captivate both the vast English speaking music audience and the French one as well. Enter Oriane, from New York by way of Paris. With a diverse background in music and performing arts.

Growing up in Paris, Oriane naturally fell under the spell of the great French singers like Edith Piaf, Michel Berger, Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour. She started singing class at 11 years old and through her teenage years explored other disciplines such as classical singing, acting, and dancing.

Oriane always felt a strong connection with the female vocalists on the international stage. These musical influences included Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin—“all those big voices got under my skin and inspired me to sing with emotion,” she says. “They nourished me, almost like food!”

Although Paris was a great place to grow up, New York was always a dream of hers. Oriane came to New York six years ago, when she was still 18. She took acting classes at the famed Stella Adler Studio of Acting and at the equally renowned Neighborhood Playhouse, furthering her interests in dance, acting and singing. And while she studied classical singing with legendary opera teacher Daniel Ferro, she really wanted to focus on pop music.

She performed in musicals and in a pair of short films, and also trained with acting coaches Harold Guskin and Susan Batson, but soon realized that singing gave her the most artistic satisfaction. She wrote her first songs with Aya Minatoya which caught British producer Tom Nichols’ attention.

With Nichols, Oriane expanded her songwriting from her initial concentration on ballads to an edgier electric guitar-oriented rock sound—having developed a greater appreciation for rock artists and contemporary music in London and New York. "I felt that Tom and I were able to create a really cool, unique new sound. The songs we produced in London have a dramatic energy and purpose."

She’s also focused the lyrics and concepts of her songs to achieve greater impact. And while a song like “Sound Of Your Guitar” is about “falling in love, not only with a person, but what they create around them,” an other one, “Underground,” is about “dealing with oneself and coming face-to-face with who you are.”

Here she relates to how singing has allowed her to connect with her own feelings and in connecting with others. “At the end of the day,” she concludes, “it’s all about coming on stage and being as honest as you can possibly be and not try to hide—to just be what I am without trying to modify myself. That’s my aim, and that is the magic—and what I’m trying to achieve in my music.”

Oriane is currently in production with grammy award winning producer Walter Afanasieff. She continues to evolve her musical style, writing in both english and french, combining the deep emotion of the ballads of her early inspirations with a contemporary edge and european sophistication. "Walter has been a hero of mine since i was a young girl. Working together has felt completely natural and since we have similar sensibilities, the songs flow effortlessly. Together, we can take a simple idea and create a song that resonates into one's soul, or at least mine!"

Oriane's new songs are expected to debut in the fall of 2011. Stay tuned...